Cross Back Chairs: The Furniture Pieces Ideal for Every Setting


Have you ever thought why it is we tend to pay so much attention to the furniture we choose to fill up our homes with? Does it simply have to do with the design that catches our eye, as we try to keep up with certain trends, or is there some bigger picture to begin with? I know you’re curious, and I won’t keep you guessing long: the answer is yes, there is a bigger picture.

We give so much of our attention to the furniture pieces we choose for our interior décor because they are so much more than just objects; they are objects that tell stories. Stories about us, our personalities, the stories we want our home to be filled with, and if there’s one good furniture storyteller, it’s got to be the cross back chair. The wide range of cross back chairs Australia round shops are filled with is just one reason to convince you to welcome these chairs into your home.

The Chair for Every Setting

Another reason you ought to go nuts for these chairs is how suitable they are for numerous settings, layouts, rooms, and buildings. They are the ideal dinner table chairs, oozing in intimacy, they are the stylish office chairs you wouldn’t mind spending hours a day on, the accent chairs in the living room right beside a side table or ottoman, the extra sitting option for your tea or coffee gatherings, the chairs meant for your reading nook by the window, the deck chairs for your morning breakfast in fresh air, and even formal settings such as events, wedding receptions and ceremonies. Convinced yet?

Plenty to Choose From

The fact many brides to be are crazy about these chairs goes to show just how popular they have become. One part as we said is their suitability, and the other part is having to choose from plenty of options of cross back chairs Australia wide shops have to offer.

Along with picking from a variety of finishes, you can have fun choosing from the different colours, such as natural, brown, black, and white, as well as the style with features like armrests and a wider seat in hand woven rattan for optimal long sitting comfort.

A Long Tradition

If you’ve wondered why these chairs are such a trend, you have to know a bit of their past. Due to their design, they are also known as the X-back chairs, influenced by the design of the famous Michael Thonet bentwood chairs that have become the signature for cafés all over the world in the 20th century, whereas the cross back came to be the signature for French cafés.

It’s the simplicity that’s in their very essence that brings along elegance which makes them the perfect addition for any setting. A sophisticated design as such can be paired with other chairs as well, and all sorts of tables, in many materials. Let’s not forget the rustic appearance they are known for, which is where the storytelling resides in. Many have started to adopt the rustic style simply because it has the nostalgic value that modern style lacks.


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