How to Make Your Own Bar at Home


For as long as I can remember me and a lot of my friends have talked about opening our own bar. The thing is, we don’t even know why. It might be because we liked the idea of having some place to use all of those slick bar tending tricks (which none of us knew), or because we wanted to have a place of our own where we could sit and talk without having to elbow past waves of people, or maybe we just thought it was cool. And the funny thing is that as I met more people, I found out that a lot of them wanted to do the same thing.

The thing that stopped us from doing that was finding out that owning a bar is actually pretty expensive. But, just because we couldn’t open our own bar like we wanted, doesn’t mean we can’t make one at home. And if you yourself have shared our dream, then you might be interested to see what we think are some of the most essential elements that every home bar should have.

First off, it really doesn’t matter if it’s made out of marble, granite, or wood, the thing that any good bar will most likely need to have is a bar, or more specifically a counter top. The exact size and shape will depend entirely on the amount of space you have at your disposal. But ideally, you should get one long enough that you could slide a drink down into your friends hand, like they did in an old cowboy western.

Probably the most essential thing you will want to get is a fridge. If possible, to capture the most authentic bar look and feeling, you will want to get a Vestfrost refrigerator, so that it can both keep your drinks warm and let you and your “customers” see exactly what you have in stock thanks to the see through glass door.

One more item, or more accurately items, that are essential for any bar are the glasses. They can come in many different types depending on exactly what drink they are meant to be used to serve. There are huge beer glasses, small shot glasses, and the medium one that are used for basically every other drink.

Once you get all of these things, all that’s left to do is to open your Vestfrost refrigerator, pick out your beverage of choice, pour it into the proper glass, slide it to your friend over your bar counter top, and enjoy your night and your bar.