Ways to Make Your Kids’ Room More Soothing and Serene


Just as we parents cherish the bedroom as our very own relaxation zone, kids feel like that when it comes to their room. This is why the threat “go to your room” doesn’t sound all that scary as intended (chuckles). Since your kids’ bedroom is important both when it comes to rest and play, it’s only natural to want to make the best of it and decor plays a very important role in this. All you need to remember before you begin is that less is more and your child will grow (faster than you think). This means that having a whole wall painted in the ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ theme isn’t something you’ll be able to stick with for years and years. That being said, here are some ideas which you’ll either will be able to stick with for longer, or change whenever you and your kids feel like it.

Add a Little Magic with Crafts and Wall Art

Flags on a string are a very popular decor idea and something you can either make together with your kids and turn it into fun playtime or if you are not into DIY projects, there are many such and similar designer homewares online Australia stores offer for the convenience of us all. The best thing about this type of decor is that you can change it quite often and let your kids have a say in the decision-making process as they become a bit older as this will help them become more independent and creative thinkers.

Some Books Here and Some Others There

There is no doubt that books are important for kids (illustrated ones in the case of small children), especially in early development as through them they get to learn a lot about the world. Through books, they get to hear/learn their future favourite stories develop their imagination. Luckily, books can also be amazing decor pieces, so adding a few shelves can be a great idea. This way, both the room will look great and your kids will have something fun and mentally engaging at hand at all times.

Set the Mood with Lighting

Avoiding harsh artificial lighting and making sure there can be enough natural light during daytime is key to properly set the mood. Soft lighting prevents overstimulation, so make sure there’s a dimming option. To match aesthetic and function again, you can choose from the many eye-catching designer homewares online Australia interior experts recommend, the most popular being lamps with 3 dimmer settings: nightlight, candlelight and reading light. You could also set the ceiling ablaze with LED starlight and cast magical glow by using several strings of twinkling fairy lights.