Water Bore Pumps: Access The Water That You Can’t Reach Otherwise

Water Bore Pumps

Where there’s water, there’s life. In fact, all life we know today started out in the vast sea of water that covered the Earth billions of years ago. Ironically, today we face the risk of running out of water. Our surface water basins in the form of lakes and rivers are beginning to dry out as a result of global warming. This in turn causes a shortage of tap water, which is supplied from freshwater basins. In Australia, in particular, extreme droughts and floods cause many households to go out of their main water supply for days on end.

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Households that are running out of clean water to use for several times a year, need to find a plausible solution. Good news is that there’s water hiding all around us, or under us to be exact. Every time it rains, the waters seeps deep underground until it reaches the layer of hard rocks where it accumulates into a basin. Sometimes these rocks can be toxic, but most times the water that lies there is perfectly clean and safe to use for domestic purposes. However, this well of water can lie up to hundreds of meters below ground, making it incredibly hard to reach.

The only pumps powerful enough to do so are submersible water bore pumps. They can extract water from depths up to two hundred meters and are suitable for dry and mountainous areas where drinking water is a rare commodity. Bore pumps are submersible which means that unlike other pumps they don’t need to be installed on top of the well and be an ugly sight in your garden. These pumps have a sleek shape resembling a ¬†cylinder which easily fits into the bore drilled into the ground.

Bore pumps are an expensive investment, but if you select a proper model, your purchase can last you a long time (even up to 25 years). Moreover, if you pick the right water bore pump, it will deliver the necessary amount of water for the whole household and at the best operational cost. Usually bore pumps run on electricity, however there are newer models that are powered by solar panels. These advanced models will not only reduce your water bills but also your electricity costs and rarely break down due to having fewer moving parts.

Even though these pumps look rather simple, hire an electrician or other qualified person to install your home bore pump system. Prior to installation, you should use a professional bore driller that can arrange the ground for a smooth pump installation.


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